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Solomon’s Seal Magickal and Health Uses

#SolomonsSeal dies in the fall and the scar that is left behind resembled the #StarofDavid. It grows in the U.S. Asia and Europe. Most popular uses are in China. Solomon's Seal is used for cleansing, protection, in #exorcisms to clear evil spirits out of an location. It can be placed in a sachet or #amulet for protection. Used in a bath to protect and clear.You can also place it in 4 corners of your house to guard it or sprinkle around any area that needs protection. Solomon's Seal increases #wisdom. Placed on a #altar or burned as an incense promotes success in rituals well as life in general. Health wise Solomon's Seal is used as a herbal tinture, #salve, a tea, or a supplement in pill form. Used to treat sports injuries (repairs cartilage,tendons, and ligaments) it treats lungs disorders, reduces swelling/edema, gastrointestinal inflammation, lowers #bloodpressure, and skin irritations.