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Nettle Magickal and Health Properties

#Nettlehas long been used in magick for its powerful#protectionpowers. It can be found in Europe, Asia, and North America. Nettle is#Masculineenergy, Element of fire and ruling planet is#Mars. This plant is associated with the deities#Thorand#Horus. In magickal uses Brooms are made of nettle to sweep evil away. Nettle is a internal and external#purifierremoving negative energies. It is sprinkled around the house to keep evil out and to send it away. To#removecursesand return to sender it is carried in a sachet or made into a#puppet. Also used in#exorcismsor purification baths. Nettle is carried with#yarrowto allay fear and worn as an#amuletto keep#negativityfar away. A fresh pot of cut nettle placed beneath a sickbed aids in recovery. Nettle is used to cure symptoms and Illness such as fatigue and anemia. Brewed as a tea it can help new mothers #increasemilksupply.