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Motherwort Health & Magickal Uses

Did you know we have a#femmeSpiritual Bath/Shower that includes#Motherwort!?!

Motherwort was used for fertility, after#birthand for recovery. This was done in the form of a bath or a tea brew. This herb has many#healingproperties such as menstrual cramps relief, calming for nervousness,#anxiety, heart issues and#bloodcirculation.

Magickal Properties of Motherwort

Planet is #Venus. Element is water. Connected to the deity #Ogun Motherwort works on the #heartchakra This allows us to give, recieve and express love and compassion freely. #Pastlife, Present trauma and heartache is also release with motherwort.

Disclaimer: Please DO your own #research on this herb. ALTHOUGH I do encourage self learning plz check with your doctor or health care specialist before doing any #selfdiagnosis or using ANY herbs. Just like any other... this herb also has side effects.