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Marigold Health & Magickal Uses

Marigold Health and Magickal Properties

#Calendulais commonly known as (Pot Marigold) very similar in look but not the same as the genus plant Marigold. These two are like 1st cousins lol they are apart of the same family.

#Marigoldcan be used as a #radiationblockertreating skin with its anti inflammatory properties consumed as a tea or applied to the skin as a cream of some sorts.

#Magickaluses Marigold picked at noon when the sun is the hottest will strengthen and comfort the #heart. Marigold is carried in the pocket or in a sachet to insure justice is favorably upon you while in court. It is also smoked and consumed as tea to heighten #psychicpowersand #propheticdreams Hung over the door to stop evil from entering.