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Jasmine Magickal & Health Benefits

Jasmine originated in the Himalayas in western China. It is a genius of shrubs and vines in the olive family. This flower has Feminine vibes, connected to the planet moon and element water. With Rose being the highest vibrational oil at 320 mhz Jasmine comes in second at 181 mhz. Jasmine has a very strong commanding fragrance which defines its great power. Jasmine carries the vibes of great faith and optimism making it a great mood lifter. This flower could be found in The gardens of many Egyptian dynasties, Chinese emperors even the kings of Afghanistan.

In Magickal use Burning Jasmine can help you attract money, wealth and rid poverty mindset by stimulating the anja (intuition higher knowledge). It is burned or smoked alone or along with Mugwort to induced prophetic dreams. When it comes love placing Jasmine in a sachet has the power to attract spiritual partners or help repair a spiritual union. Jasmine also acts as a aphrodisiac stimulating the sacral (sex) chakra.

From soaps, lotions, creams, toothpaste Jasmine is added in these products for its strong fragrance and also health benefits. Jasmine oil can balance all skin types without irritating, helps tone skin, reduces aging spots, treats natural skin and provides natural moisture that won't clog pours. Drinking Jasmine tea can help with insomnia, brain function, aids in digestion for weight loss, and heart health. With it's uplifting vibes placing Jasmine flowers in your office room or home space can help shift the vibes and provide relief from stress