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Alfalfa Magickal & Health Uses

Passion Flower is a Perrennial Vine that is evergreen in frost free climates. It is a tropical exotic looking flower that can be found growing in South America to Mexico, connected to the planet Venus and element Water. In magick, it can be placed around the house, burned as oil by itself or along with Lavender oil to promote peace after troubles and calmness which makes it great meditation. Passion Flower along with Jasmine and Deers Tongue can give off a very loving energy helping you align with love. Carried in a mojo bag or sachet it can help attract friendships.

When it comes to the health benefits, Passion flower may increase levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid a chemical the brain makes to regulate a mood. It is mildly sedative which makes it a great relief for anxiety, depression and insomnia. Using the extract of this flower can help lower your blood pressure(WARNING! Do not consume while on blood pressure medication!) And provide relief from menopausal symptoms.. Alfalfa is great for the hair skin as it helps restore hair follicles and renew skin cells.